What Not to Do On a Ceramic or Glass Cooktop

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smoothtop electric cooktop care

While no one can claim that a smooth top electric cooktop is more fashionable compared to the standard coil component kind, it will need more attention to avoid scraping and discoloring. As well as the homemaker must be proactive with attention and cooktop cleaning to keep this type of cooktop looking great.

Here is a summary of stuff to prevent for those who possess a smooth top cooktop range that is electric or built in counter cooktop.

They do help significantly while there is no promise these ideas will fully protect your cooktop.

Other cookware that will scrape on the glass is stoneware and ceramic which have bare, rough foundations. Keep these for oven bakeware.
Pans or frying pans with round border undersides aren't advocated. Pans that sit flat will perform better in regards to heat distribution. They'll even be more secure on the smooth top. Exactly the same holds true of curved edge stovetop griddles; heat will not spread correctly and some tend to rock.
Never use metal pads or abrasive cleansers which could scrape; instead, utilize a cloth or a soft sponge and lotion cleaning solutions made for glass or ceramic cooktops.
Avoid pulling pots that are heavy on the cooktop; transfer to a different place of the cooktop to lessen the hazard of scraping and instead lift.
Keep the undersides of pots and frying pans really clean. A buildup of grease on pan undersides can make aluminum-looking cause marks or rings. They have been frequently extremely tough to clean off, although these occasionally might be removed with cooktop cleaner.
Cooking or when boiling with materials that are sugary, take care to not spill these on a smooth top cooktop. A sugar material can discolor the cooktop, making at yellowish spaces which can be impossible to get rid of. This can be noticeable on light or white-grey cooktops. Clean spills immediately.
The glass may seem to hold the weight for the time being before the cooktop is warmed when the glass or ceramic enlarges at which time it might break or shatter.
Avoid putting while you cook, stirring utensils. Food on those utensils making a mess that wants more hours to scrub combustor can mark on the cooktop.
Glass bakeware has to be put to cool. See Glass Bakeware Security Suggestions.
What Not to Do On a Ceramic or Glass Cooktop