How to Choose Chairs for Your Dining Table

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How to Choose Chairs for Your Dining Table

Do not pass on a dining table that is beautiful only because it does not come with seats. Seats and your table do not have to fit. Your seats do have to match the scale and design of your table. Here's the best way to select seats for the dining table:


For relaxation, the various scales of your dining table and seats have to be harmonious.

To get the seat-height-to-table-height space you find comfy, analyze a table (or tables) using a mixture of different seats.

It's possible for you to go to with a furniture store with a lot of dining and kitchen sets. When you dine out, or, just pay attention. Keep a little measuring tape in your bag or pocket when you discover one which fits, to help you notice the precise space.

Do not simply measure to the seat from the top of the table. Measure from the underside of the tabletop to the top border of the chair seat in the event the table does not have an apron.

Measure in the underparts of the apron to the very top of the seat in the event the table has an apron.

Notice if the chair seat is upholstered or tough. When you sit upholstered seats have a tendency to compress. The compaction might be large in case the padding is thick.

Add the difference involving the two to your own table that is perfect -to seat space.

Hint: In the event, you go to a furniture store to examine different seat and table heights, inform the salesperson that which you are doing so she does not lose her place on the "up" list.

The scale is not just about heights that are harmonious. In addition, you want seats that really fit under your table. Your diners will not feel comfortable and you will damage both table and seats when they do not.

The seats you put at every end of a rectangular or oblong dining table should slip under the table without bumping to the table legs, or to the bottom of a trestle or pedestal table. Those guidelines also apply to each seat you use with round and square tables.

If your plan is to make use of several seats on each long side of the table, be sure there is room to slip them underneath with hitting against each other or the foundation of the table or legs. Diners feel cramped and uncomfortable close in the event the seat seat touch.

In the event that you are using dining seats with arms at almost any table, make sure that the tops of the arms do not brush or hit the underside of apron or the tabletop.

Along with the damage that is unavoidable your seat arms will endure, diners might not have the ability to sit close enough to consume comfortably.

When selecting seats to get a blending room table the last scale concern is the difference involving the total seat height as well as the table height. Make sure the top of the table is not taller than the backs of your seats. The seats seem squatty.


As well as selecting seats and tables of compatible scale, the pieces have to appear great together. The designs have to be compatible also.

Seats and selecting tables using a standard component generally ensures they'll look great together. That common component could possibly be the colour undertone of the finish the interval, or the degree of formality.

It could probably even be one layout component, such as feet or the furniture legs.

Should you've got an 18-century mahogany double-base dining table using a gleaming polish that is French, it is not likely to seem right -back chairs with rush seats that are rough. It is also not the table that is right to get a mismatched assortment of folding French garden chairs created using wooden slats or metal ice cream parlor chairs.

Nevertheless, upholstered Parsons painted Hitchcock seats both work or seats.

Its amount of formality depends mainly on the material used to upholster it.

The painted finish of the Hitchcock seat causes it to be compatible with the majority of wood finishes. The classic shape and the golden stenciling allow it to be dressy enough to get an official table.


As with the majority of decorating rules, you can find exceptions.

In the event that you combine an uber-slick modern zebrawood dining table having a set of early American maple seats, it only seems as if you've got no awareness of what is proper and no taste.

In the event you combine the exact same table having an assortment of carved-and-gilded seats prissy to make Marie Antoinette appear to be a gal that is nonchalant, the appearance is careful and avantgarde.

You will still acquire some raised eyebrows out of your buddies that are provincial, but the trend-forward people on your guest list will wish they had thought of it.

How to Choose Chairs for Your Dining Table