Narrow Refrigerators That Give Your Kitchen More Space With Style

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narrow refrigerators for kitchens

The latest generation of slim-line iceboxes that are narrow has nothing in common with those kiddie iceboxes you'd in your first flat.

Assembled for grown ups, these fridges are not barred fridges (which are equally narrow but are much shorter) and they are (shallow depth but much greater in width).

Instead, they are unique highly useful products that, sadly, tend to get shoved to the back of appliance shops--in the shadow of the large french-door fridges.

What Makes a Fridge Narrow?

Narrow fridges are usually about 24" wide, give or take several inches. In kitchen design, width is always at a premium. The more inches you can shave off, the better.

Today's narrow iceboxes pack just as much style as their bigger, full-size cousins, and are available in platinum, stainless steel, retro pastels, and every shade of enamel.

1. SMEG Refrigerators: Retro Appeal From Italy

SMEG fridges undoubtedly win the aesthetic game by breaking from the dreary stainless steel pack while the name might be ungainly.

Purchase on Amazon - SMEG Retro 50's Style Narrow Refrigerator

The pictured fridge has a 1950's retro style. According to SMEG specs, it's four bins, two slide-out bottle holders, a dairy box, three adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf.

(On a side note, SMEG stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla).

  • Capacity: 9.22 cu. ft.

2. Peak Innovative

The Ingenious is their most recent offering in the slim-line icebox department.

Plus, its platinum finish gives the look of stainless steel to you minus the finger-smudging associated with stainless.

Buy on Amazon - Summit Imaginative

  • Capacity: 14.12 cu. garrison
  • Width: 26.2"

3. LG 10 Cu. Garrison Slim: Inexpensive Workhorse and Excellent Buy

This LG is the bargain of the group. Going for around $800-$900, it boasts 2 crisper drawers, 2 glass shelves, digital controls, and a quick freezing drawer.

Ft. Fridge

This LG is fairly bare-bones compared to the other slender-lines featured here. But you just want the basics--yet in a slimmer version--this LG may be ideal for your space- challenged kitchen.

  • Capacity: 10 cu. garrison
  • Width: 24.60 "

4. Liebherr CS 1360: The High-Priced, Feature-Packed Alternative

Retailing at close to $4,000, the Liebherr is the Bentley of the narrow icebox world.

This cabinet-depth refrigerator has gallon holders for large containers, foldable glass ledge, and a beverage stand.

Purchase on Amazon -

  • Capacity: 13 cu. garrison
  • Width: 24".

5. Fagor 24": Feature-Filled But Somewhat Less Expensive Than The Liebherr

This fridge has a heavy duty hinge that lets both compartments open at exactly the same time, of misaligning the hinges without fear.

Selling for around $2,200, the Fagor 's stainless steel skin, crisp angles, and level surfaces make this perfect for modern homes that are. It has an open-door alarm, interior LED lighting, a bottle holder that is sliding, and flexible shelving.

  • Capacity: 11.21 cu. garrison
  • Width: 24".

6. Beko: A Host of Euro-Designed Slimline Refrigerators

So, small isn't small enough for you? What about super-slim? Beko is a U.K. company that's a host of refrigerators that are well below the customary 24" width. Unfortunately, just the most intrepid of U.S. buyers will be able to find a Beko in the States. But in the event you are in Britain, you're in luck.

  • Capacity: 10.5 cu. garrison
  • Width: 21.457"

7. Frigidaire FFPT10F3N: The Cheapest Slim-Line of All

Since I desired to have one of the large appliance makers represented here I am including this Frigidaire. It has two bins two adjustable shelves, plus one wire freezer rack. Door colors that are accessible are white, black, or silver.

Like the LG 10 Cu. Garrison, it's no critical bells or whistles. But the most significant thing of all is its outstanding cost--around the low $400s.

  • Capacity: 9.9 cu. garrison
  • Width: 24"

Narrow Refrigerators That Give Your Kitchen More Space With Style