How to Install a Standing Seam Metal Roof & Flashing Details

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Perhaps you have considered the amount of cash you can save in the event you had been to purchase all the materials that are needed and put in a metal roof — all on your own? — Well, just before you select to leap all in… this DIY effort does seem tempting but read on

As a professional installer it really never stops to amaze me just exactly how a lot of people believe metal roofing setup is a simple effort, all as it only looks so simple and straight forward when you observe the setup is performed by the professionals. They do understand the best way to make it appear simple, really!? Nevertheless, installing metal roofing right does need a fundamental understanding of the machine and the best way to properly use all of the flashing parts including end-wall, and z-bar, in addition to a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental roofing principles, and being comfortable using all the tools needed to set up the device right.

Typical cost

Typical cost

Typical cost

Learning Objective:

Scanning this guide isn't going to make you an expert installer, but nevertheless, it's going to help you comprehend essential concepts necessary to get an effective metal roofing job and the essential roofing principles.

Comprehension Roofing Risks:

Before we could discuss the steps to put in a metal roof, we must touch upon security concerns that are important, yet frequently overlooked. Each year an excellent amount of fatalities occur in the field of roofing because of the drops than can occur to the most experienced and most effective roofers. Because of this alone, it's wiser to allow the professionals install your metal roof, as an alternative to trying to do it yourself.

Recommended Roofing Security precautions that individuals use on our occupations:

Always have at least two individuals working in case someone must call for help
Understand how to and consistently utilize a fall arrest system that's correctly anchored to the stud on either side of the ridge using screws that are suitable
Use security caution tape to indicate the places where you may inadvertently drop substances or tools
Understand the best way to use and consistently use fixed and placed ladder which is safe to work
Installers fall arrest safety, using harnesses and ropes
Phase 1.

In the event the reply is yes, then you definitely might involve some roof deck damage like plywood or rotten planks that before installing a fresh metal roof, you may choose to replace. In the event that you merely have one layer of asphalt shingles and also the deck appears to be in very good condition, you then install the brand new metal roof overtop, and can leave the old shingles in position, however only in the event you happen to be intending to put in a metal shingles roof.

If instead, you need to set up a standing seam roofing system, then you definitely may choose to do a complete tear off, because their line could be telegraphed by asphalt shingles, particularly under heavy snow loads. There's also the danger of asphalt shingles scraping the underside of metal panels because of thermal expansion and contraction of metal and puncturing through the underlayment.

The Tear Away:

The tear away is undoubtedly the most physical and dirtiest part of most work, particularly when you've got more than simply one layer of shingles. At some stage, I've had the “joy” to must strip up to four layers of shingles on among the roofs we worked on, along with the best part was that there is no tar paper beneath, which induced asphalt to melt and stick to the roof deck.


The tools and gear needed to get a Tear off:

Roof stripping tool/scoop
Great Pair of Gloves that are working
Tarp of span that is adequate
Face or respirator Cover should you be sensitive to excessive dust
Sunshine and Security Spectacles
Ready for Actions
Roofing Underlayment:

We need to install the water obstacle, that may become yet another protection underneath the metal roof before a metal roof may be set up. This type of water obstacle was created to secure the roof decking from water occurring from condensation on account of temperature variations.

The underlayment may subsequently be installed using a 6-inch overlap all of the ways to the ridge.

Water and ice shield installed in the eaves, followed with a 6-inch overlap, by way of a roofing underlayment
Water and ice installed in the eave
An average standing seam panel may be about 12, 19 inches broad and 16. The panels can be roll-formed in the work site, or at your neighborhood roofing materials supply warehouse.

Residential standing seam roofs will need the absolute minimum roof pitch of 2:12. Some producers have roofing systems that want the absolute minimum of 3:12 roof pitch for standing seam installments. The higher the incline of the roof the better, generally speaking, as the standing seam is a water-dropping system and banks on to gravitation and gradient to drop snow, wetness, and any rainwater away.

Unlike corrugated metal, its close cousins and R- ribbed panels, standing seam or panels is a hidden or concealed fastener system. — Each panel needs to be fastened/attached by the producer to the roof deck -approved nails or screws. Standing Seam panels overlap with each overlapping panel concealing the fasteners that hold the preceding panel set up in a side by side manner.

Installing the Eave or Starter Trim

In this measure we are going to must work with metal shears to cut on the required period of the trimming that is a starter. The crank trimming gets attached by the screws that are particular every 10 to 12 inches on center. Notice, the screws may be had in the device provider. Install drip edge/crank trimming against eave/fascia trimming of the roofing. To ensure water which will form as a result of condensation doesn't accumulate underneath the drip edge lay out your roofing underlayment within the fascia trimming.

Installing the Gable Flashing and Beginning with the very first panel:

The gable gets installed over the gable rake in the strategy that was similar to crank flashing. We are able to install our first perpendicular sheet metal panel that consists of standing seam system when the gable flashing is set in place. In our instance, we're dealing having a snap lock standing seam roofing system with hidden fasteners. Our first panel gets attached on the gable trim. We use to fix and the level lip pliers to bend our first panel within the crank trimming and also the gable.

Installment of Sheet Metal Roofing panel on the Gable flashing
So, the primary panel gets hidden fasteners and attached to the roof decking using unique mounts that are holding with all the screws and fixed across the gable and crank flashing.

Observe the top section of the panel has a 90-degree perpendicular bent to prevent any wind-driven ice, snow, and rain from getting in in the ridge amount.

In Conclusion

It's also possible to be enthusiastic about knowing more about a different type of metal roofing system which is equally as dependable, attributes fasteners that are hidden, but is more easy to install and more affordable than standing seam.

Were you aware? Additionally there are an equally dependable and long lasting metal shingles roofing system which is simpler to install and costs less?

Let me make it clear, a standing seam roof is fairly tough and technically-challenging system to set up, particularly if you've got no previous training or expertise installing metal roofing, however, there's also a more straightforward-to-install system called metal shingles, which appears much like the traditional shingles, except that it's a lot stronger, energy efficient, and more lasting. Then I'd advise which you check out this metal shingles setup guide from 150points if you should be considering figuring out the best way to put in metal shingles roof.

How to Install a Standing Seam Metal Roof & Flashing Details