Counter Depth Refrigerator Dimensions: Not So Cut-And-Dried

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counter depth refrigerator dimensions

While it appears the depth of a counter-depth refrigerator would have been an easy, matter that is objective --as heavy as a counter, right?--it isn't.

Moreover, appliance makers have several methods for expressing the depth of the fridges. Occasionally these amounts fluctuate by as much as a half foot.

Measurements In A Single Amount

The carton section merely of a counter-depth refrigerator is all about 24" to 25".

Typical Counter Depth: Delusory and Anything But Typical

Depth may alter:

- Foundation cupboards and trim (the leading edge of the countertop) of different thicknesses.

- Backsplashes of varied particularly old fashion tile countertops.

- Tile bullnose placed at different distances from the wall.

- Custom made counters, depths, determined thin set, backer board, and by stuff depth.

Begin in the wall, not the backsplash when you quantify counter depth.

What's Fridge Depth Anyhow? (Great Question)

24" = Carton itself, nothing else. No handles, no doors.

All refrigerators need clearance in back, doors, and handles while the fridge carton is counter depth.

Therefore, the actual depth of the refrigerator is 30 1/8", counting everything. It is necessary to keep in mind that you simply do should account for door-swing, as should they match the counters, it's hopeless for doors to correctly swing open.

Manufacturing companies will not be participating in an industry-wide conspiracy of dishonesty. Instead, this is an issue of creating a standard frame of reference for that which we mean by counter-depth.

Regardless, these refrigerators are more shallow than your typical refrigerator, which could run several inches.

Exterior Measurements: Higher and Broader

You must make it up elsewhere when you shave off measurements from one area of the fridge. Interior space normally gets made up with broader and higher refrigerators.

Take care when putting counter-depth refrigerators below cupboards.

- Capacity: 23 cu. garrison


1. Try To Find Measurements Not Names

Not the name, measurements, make it a counter-depth refrigerator.

You could possibly search for counter-depth refrigerators and locate one recorded expressly as "counter-depth" and use a depth of 28.5".

Yet in the event that you hunt for side by side or french door design fridges, depth may still come in at around an identical range--but more economical and with no expensive "counter-depth" name.

2. Technical Specifications Significant (Not Sales Leaflets)

To locate measurements that are accurate, pull the technical specification drawings for the fridge up you would like to buy.

KitchenAid, as an example, supplies Measurement Guides that are helpful on its website for every one of its freestanding fridges.

All these are line drawings that show the many different interpretations of measurement (as we discussed previously) so you could decide on measurements yourself. Don't rely on the size specifications recorded on the sales page of a product

3. Absolute Capacity Finally Determines It Holds

Pay careful awareness of capacity. Counter-depth refrigerators range from a measly 15 cu. in capacity

Garrison to 25 cu. garrison

While it may seem you're getting a fine, space-saving counter-depth refrigerator, you're truly paying for this by slimming down in absolute capacity.

4. Something is Gained by you, You Lose Something

Most counter-depth refrigerator purchases entail an individual cost-benefit determination.

The price: higher costs and smaller capacity. The advantage: a slim-line refrigerator that melts in along with your kitchen counters.
Counter Depth Refrigerator Dimensions: Not So Cut-And-Dried