Bathtub Sizes: Reference Guide to Common Tubs

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Toilets are already starved for space, it could be like a jigsaw puzzle attempting to fit everything in. And the one component that sucks up the most space is the tub.

Consider this: the typical five-foot long tub displaces 13.35 square feet of floor space. A similar corner shower stall unit (36"x36") resides in just 9 square feet.

It isn't so much absolute square footage that makes baths hard as is the span to set. For this reason some manufacturers have started to provide micro-sized rectangular tubs at just 4.5 feet long.

Space preparation is very important because toilets are usually modest. Bigger rooms (and rooms which have fewer services than toilets) have greater leeway when placing fixtures and movables. But designers and homeowners working toilet strategies out frequently find themselves nudging items by inches than feet--to get things right.

1. Alcove Bathtubs: 4.5 to 6 feet Long; 15 to 20 Inches Wide

A toilet alcove is a space. In toilets that are narrow, an average shape would be to situate the alcove widthwise, to ensure the two long walls of the area form the back wall as well as the ends forms one side. The alcove is naturally formed by walls.

Nevertheless, in toilets that are bigger, not all of the walls are enough to make the alcove. What this means is the alcove could be lengthwise in the area, using a non load bearing wall constructed to form one end of the alcove.

4.5 Feet Long: Mini-Sized For Miniature Dwelling Spaces
While not common, it's potential to seek out a couple of these smaller-than-typical baths made for manufactured homes or flats.

They've space for a bigger bath. few homeowners will select a 4 1/2 foot bath voluntarily if

Your absolute best option would be to forego the bath altogether and put in a shower when you yourself possess a tiny toilet. But in the event you insist on shoehorning a bathtub into your toilet that is little, your only choice is that this size.

Span: 54 inches
Countless toilets are outfitted with this one, the typical five-footer. Most alcoves are sized at 5 feet, this means this is the only choice to get a retrofit.

Span: 60 inches
6 Feet Long: Additional Foot For the Feet
A popular section of the alcove bath marketplace adds the width and a supplementary foot, to host bigger sized two individuals bathers; or people who just need more room.

The six footer is not going to fit in many alcoves. It's a great choice for new building projects or for remodels that call for transferring a wall for space that is additional.

Span: 72 inches

2. Oval  Bathtubs: 60 Inches Long; 41 Inches Broad

Tubs that are oblong come in the drop-in or standalone variety. Despite the fact that ellipses look more liberally sized in fact, in most ways, they've been just broader, not longer.

In an apples-to-apples comparison using a same-sized alcove bath (60 inches), the ellipse is the full five to six inches wider. For the drop-in type, this means constructing an apron that is broader for the bath to rest in.

Span: 60 inches

3. Whirlpool Tubs: 60 Inches Long; 32 Inches Wide

"Whirlpool tub" means large, right?

Not always. You could be surprised to discover why these baths usually come in regular five-foot alcove-ready sizes.

The thin casing that is acrylic provides ample interior space by which to conceal the tubes for the pump unit as well as the jets.

Six-foot rectangular sizes can be found, together with high-sided whirlpool walk in baths.

Span: 60 inches

4. Corner Bathtubs:  60 Inches Long; 60 Inches Wide

Corner tubs, to put it simply, are pleasure. You don't install a corner bath when this really is your only spot to bathe; you place one in when this is the master toilet and you also love nothing much better than relaxing in bath that has a superb magazine (the children have their particular shower elsewhere).

For positioning, it will help to think of these as square-shaped, not triangle-formed. In the picture of the Aquatic Cavalcade, I've continued the lines to demonstrate how itis a square with one corner.

That "missing corner" just gives you any more floor space. It's only a method to smooth off a possible hitting stage also to supply this distinguishing structure to the bath.

Since many corner baths are 60" long, they're able to fit into an alcove.

Span: 60 inches
Height: 22 inches
Bathtub Sizes: Reference Guide to Common Tubs