Asphalt Shingles Prices at Lowe’s and Home Depot: GAF, Owens Corning, Onduvilla 3D Shingles

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asphalt shingles prices at lowes and home depot

We’ll save you the trip to every shop (and gasoline) by supplying these details: Retail Price per package of shingles, Greatest Choices for DIY Roofing jobs, and review of every product/brand

Before we get to the information on the best way to pick the most effective form of roofing shingles, let discuss the general choices that home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s must give. A favorite brand GAF is offered by both. With Home Depot, it's about 80% of the things they carry when it comes to the asphalt shingle picks that are accessible, and for asphalt shingles, it’s nearly two-thirds of the complete offerings with Lowe’s.

Lowe’s additionally carries Owens Corning which is just another popular brand constituting about one-third of their products that are available. Home Depot’s other alternative is the Onduvilla brand, which so far is the latest one. Home Depot doesn’t offer the product in their own shops but does make it accessible for on-line buying. The Onduvilla shingles aren't the kind that is typical. They specialize in what's well known as 3D shingles, which may possess a wavy pattern and therefore are potential to be utilized as a standalone sort shingle (such as the favorite kinds), but is more or less geared toward building owners having a metal roof which may reap the benefits of this as yet another layer of roofing. The Onduvilla shingles cost about $50 per package, with 10 sections in every single package.

Both shops supply every one of the accessories to result in a roofing system that is full. Below, we list the prices for every single alternative, combined with the elements that are expected. We won’t supply prices as that changes in function for flashing, and it’s so ideal to talk about with either shop specialist or an expert contractor to ensure you are getting the most appropriate product for the occupation. Note: in many instances, costs on the products are nearly precisely the same between both shops. But when that is false, we're supplying the best price from either shop, and we’ll let you realize when there's a major difference.

Leak obstacle / Underlayment stuff


Appetizer Shingles

Ridge Vent

Note: There are lots of offerings in this class which might be essentially fitting brand of colour and shingles collectively, so best to look over the website for precise products that are desirable

- GAF Ridge Ridge shingles range from $36 to $58 for 20 to 33 linear feet (through Lowe’s)

- Owens Corning shingles range

In the event that you would preferably Shop On-Line and do not feel like driving to either of the shops:

Next, comes the choice procedure for asphalt shingles for filtering right down to top selections, as well as the sites use quite similar layouts and methods. Our recommended procedure for choosing the way to browse each website and shingles are:

1. Choose the kind of shingle you want. The 2 popular kinds again are laminated or tabbed. 3-tab being standard and the conventional shingle kind for shingles that are tabbed.

2. Shape and colour choice. Not required to nail down this as another measure, but is likely you’ll browse for products once kind is chosen. With 3-tab shingles, the structure is reasonably fundamental (rectangular) variable only marginally among brands. With Architectural shingles, you'll find lots of varieties in shape, overlapping corners, ellipse, etc., including rectangular, square, round corners With colours there are more choices with Architectural than 3-tab, and multicolor shingles are one potential choice with Architectural. Like all things shade, the colors involving both manufacturing companies aren't prone to function as identical colour, although there are basically 12 colour choices involving the 2 shops.

3. The brand is a choice item which has to appear in this list but is possibly revisited after reviewing our next section. Take into account, with Home Depot, GAF is the principal brand for regular shingles while Lowe’s bears GAF (mainly) and Owens Corning (some). These would be the key products now accessible in both retail stores, although there are surely a number of other brands of shingles accessible.

When any model that is particular is chosen on the website, the layout on every sales page contains helpful tips such as and is uniform follows:

Images of the product, in addition to potential additional media including diagrams or video related to that line of model that was unique. Both retail stores have a GAF made video which is a DIY primer that is great

Availability or the best way to get merchandise - whether merchandise is now in stock at shop nearest to you, or in case you’d need it brought to your own house, or delivered to that particular shop

Product description and specifications - pretty self explanatory, though we’d imply becoming comfortable with specifications when comparing products, as that will matter maybe

Evaluations / Reviews - products, on Home Depot are usually greatly reviewed, a lot more than Lowe’s. We feel as comments here can help comprehend that which you'll be able to be prepared to receive it to have reviews accessible than not and is normally written in terms that are laypeople

- section q&A in case you've questions specific information on the merchandise page lacking and want to see if an answer is provided for that locating or are

Information and guides would be the downloadable files the producer supplies to greatly help comprehend guarantee and setup info.

Share and Save buttons for merchandisers who might want to return to (Save) or e-mail the merchandise page to a different individual (Share)

Colour Selector - most shingle products have several colour choices

The specification area is where technical details for every product are noticed, and is about the same on both websites. Including advice for example:

how much (or if) the merchandise is immune to Fire, Wind, Hail, Alga

Energy Star Rating - this would notice which products are specially made for efficacy, although most asphalt shingle products aren't energy efficient

And then the obvious things like form of colour and shingle

As you have filtered things along shingle kind as well as colour, the last may appear unneeded, but the complete selection procedure, on each website, gains from your Compare characteristic. Ticking a checkbox to notice 2 or more products you prefer to compare, and then when prepared to find out just those chosen products, reach the ‘Compare’ button (that's probably discovered at the very top of your browser). This subsequently reveals each merchandise you assessed, side by side on the Specifications of each with the main emphasis.

We consider the Compare tool is among the most effective strategies to go about making choices while your choice process may be distinct to arrive at precisely the same point.

Filter ends in manner that makes most sense for you personally, or follow our idea(s)

Review Merchandise pages for almost any shingles which interest you

Price, of course, may be the main factor in regards to choosing products. With over 200 products to select from, it’s not an easy task make that useful in an article similar to this and to list every one of the cost choices. Thus, let’s go with cost ranges.

3-Tab shingles typically cost $23 to $27 per package.

Architectural shingles drop in the reach of $25 to $35 per package. The ones that are more expensive than $35 are for additional coatings for additional protection or distinct contours. Home Depot doesn’t have a laminated shingle that's much more than $37 although Lowe’s does, but Lowe’ s includes a better choice or takes much more products.

Lowe’s doesn’t appear to get this. Having link is fascinating, but what it really is linking to is. On the Home Depot website Overview” is an image which is hyperlinked and clickable to the GAF website. Yet, it is affiliated kind link which is basically set as much as promote products by way of a GAF portal site especially for Home Depot and is not the GAF home page. Here is example link to make it even more clear. For the large part, the page seems like one huge ad with links that, at the end: supply means to visualize merchandise help find nearest Home Depot store, and offer installation services of GAF products in your house, via Home Depot contract services. For some, it will be worth checking out, although maybe the past part isn't of interest for you if going only with a DIY facility.

Roofing Makers - Added Info

Other makers that are popular comprise Atlas, Tamko, IKO and CertainTeed.

These shops are geared towards professional contractors.

The info is regarding exactly the same, although each producer website lays things out a bit differently. Each is seeking to offer a competitive advantage, although the goods that each take seem similar.

GAF is among the very established manufacturing companies approximately, founded in the late 1800’s. The others began some time. Owens Corning was created in 1938. These two businesses so are boasting yearly sales in the billions of dollars, and supply more than residential roofing goods.

Producer websites often use ‘designer tools’ like a colour as well as visualizer selector. Such tools could be beneficial in merchandise variety. A couple years past these tools were only using several house sorts and then supplying skill to change design or roof colour out, alongside shifting siding colour and cut colour. Mix and clearly will assist in getting a look that's finest in your view, and a matching colour is an enjoyment.

The “Where to Purchase” tools on the websites are pretty fundamental and yet supply not only which Lowe’ or Home Depot s closest you has their products, but also what would be the highest and professional dealers.

Both websites are great at supplying added details about roofs generally and about their products. While Lowe’s and the Home Depot sites get a few of that, they actually only scratch the surface. It’s finest to go to the maker websites if attempting to see complete lines of products.

While we're highlighting shopping and learning via sites, we do understand this can’t replace the in-store shopping experience. Or maybe only walk in briefly and to pick up an order chat with all the service desk for almost any questions you've got.

In relation to how you can install them and shop for asphalt shingles, we attempted to be helpful without overwhelming you with an excessive amount of info. There actually is considerably we didn’t contain. Nothing important, but enough to support one to do a bit more research. On the GAF website, there's a great deal of advice about software and products to really make the DIY strategy as simple as you are able to. It's actually among the higher resources for the DIY approach, especially dealing with roofing of dwellings that are residential. Both Lowe’s sites and Home Depot have lots of videos, info, and guides to assist with the DIY job, but much of that goes past the range of roofing.

Asphalt Shingles Prices at Lowe’s and Home Depot: GAF, Owens Corning, Onduvilla 3D Shingles