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Learn About Shingles Algae and That Resist Moss

For roofs that are always fighting with hot and humid conditions or get lots of shade algae and moss may be an issue. Moss or alga and regularly appear on the east facing side of the roof but also can appear on different faces as well on the basis of the quantity of humidity, heat, and shade.

There are several alternatives from appearing on roofs to preventing the alga or black stripes. The choices that are best include algae resistant roof shingles. This post will discuss the facts regarding these kinds of shingles.

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What're Algae Resistant Shingles?

They look like shingles that are ordinary also to the naked eye appear to be the same but they have been made a little otherwise. These copper granules are embedded within each shingle itself appearance and to make sure the whole shingle roof is protected and so the roof keeps its uniform colour.

Images with Alga of Roofs

Black Stripes on a White Roof
Black Alga Stripes
Black Alga Stripes on a Black Roof

The concept so they are able to resist alga development to create asphalt shingles first started in the 1960s. The truth is, the principal patent holder for alga shingles that are resisting is 3M, as well as their patients, return to the 60s.

Till the manner, AM shingles happen to be made s has changed. At first, producers attempted to use an algaecide coating to maintain the algae from growing on the shingle. After zinc was utilized to assist in preventing moss and algae development. Zinc, like aluminum or copper, works but it was discontinued and is looked down upon slightly as it could damage the environmental surroundings.

Now of preventing algae growing, the most typical method is by making the shingles having a percent of copper granules included. A standard portion of copper granules is about 10%.

Since their beginning algae resistant shingles have continued to develop in popularity and use.

Is The Roof Harmed by The Black Stripes?

Many questions if there has been damaged when home owners begin seeing black stripes on their roofs. To all those that wonder if the life span of your house shortens the answer is no. Algae development is only a cosmetic issue. Nevertheless, algae and moss occasionally get mixed up and confounded. Moss can cause damage that could harm roof and your house. Keep reading this informative article on removing moss on roofs the way that it impacts your roof, and to find out more on the subject of moss, removing it.

It will possess an adverse effect on total property values although “alga discoloration is mostly an aesthetic issue. This also makes it a financial issue if you’re looking to preserve the present value of the house or just attempting to market a property.

As far as we have been conscious an AR shingle is offered by every leading producer of asphalt roofing shingles. The most effective thing to be able to learn about which algae resistant shingles are offered in your region would be to get in touch with a roofing business that is sure.

GAF uses Spot Safeguard technology with a limited guarantee for protection that is an alga. [2]

Other producers have claimed, at the same time, although Atlas is famous for his or her new Life Guarantee “Alga Immune” shingle technology integrating Scotchguard 3M. Copper load granules is the principal key to the resistance variable of shingles, magnesium and zinc are also algae immune.

The resistance on those shingles will outlast thunderstorm damage to shingles, thus to say they've life protection… I'd firmly agree.[3]


The AR shingles have existed for some time, especially in the South, nevertheless they have distinct predicted operation intervals with respect to the length of time they're going to keep algae from growing. Despite the fact that the producers may give even or a 10-year life guarantee against algae discoloration, hardly any of these really hold up for go north. (When you browse the fine print on the guarantees, you’ll see that most offer a little rebate on cleaning when the algae begins to develop within the guarantee period).”

Will algae resistant shingles really remain true with their guarantee? Each alga resistant shingle guarantee will be different. It is necessary to see the fine print to completely comprehend each guarantee. Another facet to keep in mind is they're called algae resistant shingles not alga evidence. Actually, if AR shingles don’t see much sun they Won't have the ability to withstand alga for long. We've got truly received evidence from an accredited professional roofer that in the event the humidity percents remain at over 70% throughout the summertime with hardly any to no sun hitting the shingles afterward the AR shingles will hold up just as great or “poor” in this instance as shingles which might be not AR immune.
Algae Resistant Roof Shingles