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tempurpedic headboard bracket

Flexible beds curve in several directions to adapt your unique physique and sleeping preferences. Two-man versions often feature two sections that move independently of one another. As a way to attach a headboard to an adjustable bed, you must first install an adjustable bed base. The base sits outside of the bed's range of movement, in order to attach almost any kind of headboard.

Buy an Adjustable Bed Base

Analyze the contents of your bed package that is flexible. Pick a foundation with or without with regards to the appearance you need to produce, but ensure it is harmonious with a headboard.
Most manufacturers of adjustable beds sell compatible bases; in case you need to buy a foundation from a different maker, use a measuring tape to assess the length and width of your bed. Quantify from the outermost edge on every side. After that, pick a foundation that will accommodate your bed.

Assemble the Base

Set up the adjustable bed base based on the directions of the manufacturer's. Install your mattress that is adjustable, and analyze the functionality. If everything functions easily, eliminate the mattress. By testing the function of the adjustable bed before you attach the headboard, it is possible to head off problems with assembly that is incorrect and avert a full tear down later on.

Select and Lay Out the Headboard

Select a headboard that's sized to fit your bed. Read the description carefully to make sure the headboard isn't attached to a bed frame.
Eliminate from the packaging. Pull your bed out of the wall. Stand the headboard up, and slide it into place behind the bed. Center the headboard, utilizing a rule to measure the parts that go off of either side.

Locate the Brackets

If not, purchase a headboard bracket kit, and install the mounts on the bed base.
At the time that your brackets are in place, line up the mounting holes in the headboard with all the corresponding slots in the bracket. If the holes tend not to line up, use a mount adapter.

Attach the Headboard

Request a pal to hold the headboard from the mounting brackets. Slide a bolt through one of the holes in the trunk of the headboard, and push through it. The opposite end of the bolt should poke out from the entire interior side of the mount.
Twist a nut on the bolt. By lightly shaking the headboard analyze the ultimate product. Tighten the nuts before the motion stops, if some of the bolts wiggle.

How to Buy Headboards

As they come due to ordinary motion, you may need to tighten the nuts sometimes once the headboard is installed. Use eBay to buy mounts, headboards, and all of the tools you need for maintenance and installation. Begin your search by entering "headboard" to the search area on top of any eBay page. With the filters on the left side of the webpage, you can narrow your results on the search results page. Simply click on the box next to refine products by material, color, style, size, and more.

tempurpedic headboard bracket