advanced urethane technologies pillow

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advanced urethane technologies pillow

Advanced Urethane Technologies Pillow - CoreFlow’s non-contact communicating alternatives utilize several kinds of air cushion technologies that blend SmartNozzles and Pressure Atmosphere (PA) or Pressure Vacuum (PV) settings.

Pressure Atmosphere (PA) settings mix SmartNozzle pressure and atmospheric discharge holes to give a uniform and powerful air cushion support for glass substrates of any size or weight. This air cushion setting is well suited for non-contact movement systems in photovoltaic and flat panel display fab automation as well as in process gear (automatic optical inspection, FPD coating) load/unload zones.

PA essential features include:
Height truth: ±50 µm
Pressure Vacuum (PV) settings offer a higher level of air gap precision, ensuring precise positioning and flattening of substrates. The PV surface that is aeromechanical supplies powerful bi-directional flattening and clamping, and is well suited for systems requiring media and precise procedure zones flattening, including thin film solar laser scribing, FPD coating, automatic optical inspection, metrology systems, and photolithography tools.

PV essential features include:
Typical air gap: 10µm -100µm
Typical air gap precision: ± (5µm-25 µm)

advanced urethane technologies pillow